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Known For Their Hospitality, Hobbs is the Gateway to New Mexico

Located approximately 116 miles southeast of Roswell, NM, the city of Hobbs is a small town that has seen growth over the past couple of years. Residents will describe their beloved city as a place where you won’t find a lot of trees or grass, but you’ll find hard-working people who’ll shake your hand and welcome you in.

Today, Hobbs’ workforce is made up of construction, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and a large majority of jobs in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas. The oil and gas industry plays a considerable role in the city’s economy, many locals and newcomers have been able to prosper due to new expansions in oil and gas fueling projects. From 2014 to today, the city has continued to see growth in population allowing for elementary schools to open and housing to expand.

While larger cities like Santa Fe and Albuquerque are the primary destinations for tourists, Hobbs is a hidden gem in the land of enchantment that is worth exploring.

Barren Land and Good Weather — Living in Hobbs is Ideal For Outside Recreation Year-Round

Similar to other eastern regions of New Mexico, the weather in Hobbs is a semi-arid climate with temperatures averaging in the mid-70s. Summers are warm but rarely reach above 100 degrees. From November through February, you can expect cooler temperatures with an average low of 28 degrees. One weather-related occurrence Hobbs sees are wind storms, sandstorms, and small tornadoes. The mostly sunny weather makes it possible for residents to enjoy the outdoors such as fishing at Green Meadow Lake, which contains catfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill.

Small but Growing Population

As of 2016, approximately 38,000 residents reside in Hobbs. The largest race is Hispanic or Latino which is about 42%. The median income for a household is $53,750 with the median cost of a home being $116,300.

A Brief History of Hobbs

Established in 1907, Hobbs is named after James Hobbs, the city’s first postmaster. The land was expanded when oil was discovered. By the 1920s, with a booming oil refinery, the town began to grow and over 12,000 people were living in Hobbs. Unfortunately, when the Great Depression hit, Hobbs was severely affected, leaving only 3,000 people in town. Given its resourceful land, the town was able to regain momentum and eventually, many people moved back. By the 1940s, the population grew to 14,000. In 1956, the first college, originally called First Baptist College and now known as the College of the Southwest, opened. Shortly after in 1966, the New Mexico Junior College opened. With plenty of new residents calling Hobbs home, the city has created an intimate environment for people to learn, work, and prosper.

Places to Visit While in Hobbs

If you find yourself in Hobbs, be sure to check out these attractions:

  • Green Meadow Lake. While there aren’t any major rivers or beaches, this charming lake is where you will find locals fishing or sunbathing.
  • Western Heritage Museum & Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame. The museum features memorabilia of ranching, rodeo heritage, and a rich history of the region. Exhibitions feature objects that tell the story of early settlers who led a wild life in farming and hunting, and dealt with the hardships of sickness.
  • Zia Park Casino, Hotel, and Racetrack. The casino features 750 slot machines, three restaurants, live horse racing, and entertainment events such as trivia night, karaoke, and live music hosted throughout the year.
  • Center for the Arts. Lea County Commission for the Arts is a non-profit dedicated to providing local residents with visual, literary, and performing arts classes and events. The center allows for local artists to showcase their work and celebrate their heritage.

Key Workers’ Compensation Laws in New Mexico

As an employee in the state of New Mexico, you are entitled to rights that protect your health and wellbeing. Workers’ compensation provides workers with insurance protection against unforeseen injuries or a loss of job. Here are important laws you should be familiar with if you work in Hobbs:

  • If you are injured at work, you have 15 days to notify your employer of the work-related injury.
  • Your employer should have the Workers’ Compensation poster placed in a visible area where you can become familiar with their workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Once you report the injury to your employer, they have 72 hours to report the injury to their workers’ compensation insurance.
  • If you are fired shortly after reporting the incident, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. While employers may replace you if you are unable to complete tasks, you are entitled to fair treatment and compensation.

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